bank news



Abhi bat karenge aaj close huye share market ke bare me or janenge sensex, bank nifty,nifty 50 midcap ke bare me sath hi janenge dollar ke bare me,

aaiye jante hain

SENSEX – AAJ jab market open hua to sensex -57,423.65

– aaj jab market close hua to sensex-57,852.54

– kal jab market close hua to sensex-57,338.21

BANK NIFTY – Today open price – 36,588.40

– today close price- 36,831.30

kal ka close price- 36,574.30

NIFTY 50 – Today open price -17,095.40

today close price-17,234.15

kal ka close price-17,076.25

MIDCAP-Today open price-28,629.45

today close price -28,916.65

kal ka close price-28,629.45

DOLLAR -dollar ke mukable aaj rupay open hua -73.03

today close price – 73.07

kal ka close – 73.08


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