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Aaj ham bat karenge july mahine me huye gst collection ke bare me ,kitna collection hua ,pichale mahine se kitna adhik collection hua ,

aaiye dekhte hain july mahine me GST collection 1,16,393 carore rupay raha jo,

ye collection pichle mahine se adhik hai,

or agar bat karen pichle sal ki isi mahine ki to 33% adhik hai,

july 2021 me pure mahine ke kul gst collection 1,1393 carore raha jisme sgst 28,541carore rupay raha,

cgst-22,197 carore rupay raha,

igst 57,864 carore rupay raha, jisme import ke dwara 57,900 carore,cess se 7,790 carore rupay aaye jisme 815 carore impored goods par lagne bale cess se aaye ,

pichle sal ke isi mahine ke tulna me 33% aadhik gst collection hua


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